Vi har allerede lagd en sak på alle BLNO-importene som du kan lese her (ved å trykke), men vi fikk ikke med oss alle den gang. Frøyas Nikola Vasojevic var opptatt med flyttelasset da vi lagde saken, mens Nidaros Jets’ Anthlon Bell og Ammerud sin nye spiller Kai De La Cruz ikke var i ligaen da saken ble lagd.

PS! Bli med i denne AltomNBA-konkurranse-gruppa, med NBA-premier og annet godis!

Vi har stilt dem de samme spørsmålene som i den forrige:

Can you write some lines about yourself, where you have played before this season and why you chose BLNO? How has the welcome been for you in Norway? Best player/players you have played with? Favorite NBA-team and favorite player? 

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Dette er hva spillerne svarte:

Anthlon Bell, Nidaros Jets:

– I am born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I moved to Memphis, Tennessee before high school. I played colleges basketball at the University of Arkansas (Div I). I played in the Netherlands and Mexico prior to Norway.I chose BLNO because the Nidaros Jets gave me another chance to play basketball after not playing for a year and a half. Norway has been a great country so far! The people here are very nice and welcoming. Seems like great place to live.

– The best players I’ve played with: Jarnell Stokes (NBA G League), Michael Qualls (NBA G league) Bobby Portis (Washington Wizards) and Tristian Spurlock (Former teammate in Mexico)
– My favourite NBA teams are the Detroit Pistons and Oklahoma City Thunder. Kobe Bryant is my favourite player.
NBA-players that went to Arkansas: Patrick Beverley, Bobby Portis, Joe Johnson).

Nikola Vasojevic, Frøya:

– My name is Nikola Vasojevic, basketball player from Serbia. I play at the position 1-2 (combo guard) 195cm tall, 90kg.

– For a long time I played in Europe: Serbia, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Poland and the last few seasons in Africa and Asia, (Tunisia, Morocco, Qatar).
– At the recommendation of Ognjen Nisavic I came to Frøya and proved to be the right choice. I’ve heard that the league is stronger every year and has a lot of good players. The people from the club accepted me great and I am very pleased with the team, staff and the people who are at the club, we are all like one big family.
– I played against a lot of good players playing Euroleague or they later reached the highest level. I also played against Olympiacos and Panatinaikos while I played in Greece. I follow EuroLeague more than the NBA, but the favorite team in the NBA is San Antonio Spurs and my favourite player Manu Ginobili, even tho he is retired.

Keon Lawrence, Tromsø Storm:

I played at University of Missouri for two years and two years at Seton Hall where I graduated from.
I chose BLNO because I like it here in Tromsø! It’s been successful for me so far. We haven’t won, but hopefully we can pull something together to get this to go around.
Players I played before: Ron Artest (Semi Pro league in 2016-17 summer), Smush Parker, Marshon Brooks, DeMarre Carroll (Brooklyn Nets, played with him at Missouri).


My best player of all time is MJ Michael Jordan. Right now, I like to watch Kyrie Irving, Paul George and Russell Westbrook.

Kai Joshua De La Cruz, Ammerud:

– Before this season I was in a mini camp with the LA Chargers (NFL), but unfortunately I ended up hurting my hamstring. Before that I was signed as a free agent to the Miami Dolphins (NFL). But again I was unlucky – before the end of camp I tore my hamstring and was out for a year.

– My good friend Austin Mofunanya asked me if I would want to come help his team compete for a playoff spot. He knew my talent and believed in me. Growing up I was a 3 sport athlete – Football, Basketball and Baseball, and believe it or not – football was my worse sport!

– So far it has been wonderful the people here who have treated me very well. I love it here!

– Growing up I played against a lot of competition people such as Kyrie Irving, Kyle Anderson, Lance Stevenson, Kemba Walker, and most recently in college Terry Rozier. There are many more, the list is too long to remember them all.

– My team is New York Knicks and I don’t have a favorite player, but I do respect LeBron James as the G.O.A.T.